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Inphi is the leader in data movement interconnects. We move big data fast, around the globe, between and inside of data centers.
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The internet is now ubiquitous, with applications including wireless, social networking, e-commerce, and video streaming in our everyday life. Currently, a number of new applications are gathering momentum such as cloud services, big data, IoT, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, and new media. These applications are driving an unprecedented explosion in data and traffic and that in turn is driving the growth of large cloud data centers.

Inphi is the leader in data movement interconnects between and inside these data centers. We move big data fast, around the globe, with high quality and reliability. We offer semiconductor components and optical subsystems to our networking original equipment manufacturer (OEM), optical module, cloud and telecom service provider customers.

Our solutions include high-speed analog and digital signal processing, as well as optical components. We complement processors, graphic processing units, switches, network interface cards, and memory controllers supplied by other ecosystem partners or customers. We are uniquely positioned to deliver ultra, high bandwidth optical platform solutions because of our 17 year heritage in high speed design and packaging.

We have consistently pioneered advanced semiconductor and silicon photonics solutions that enable our customers to expand the bandwidth and efficiency of their networks with each successive generation of switches, routers and transport equipment. Our leading edge linear transimpedance amplifiers, modulator drivers, optical physical layer devices, coherent DSPs, and silicon photonic-based subsystems enable the exponential acceleration of big data transmissions for long haul, metro, and data center applications for both service providers and cloud operators.

With our coherent (from QPSK to 64QAM) and PAM4 modulation techniques, we are propelling the market forward from 10 Gigabit per second to Terabits per second transmission bandwidth, by making it possible for our customers to move bits up to 12 times higher density per fiber compared to today’s limiting (0s and 1s) solutions. (Our TiAs and Drivers support 64QAM, 600G with 6 bits per symbol, dual polarization.)

Our innovative COLORZ® Silicon photonics and PAM DSP based Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing solution raise the bar by delivering the lowest power and most cost effective 4 Terabit per second per fiber bandwidth. Using COLORZ®, customers are able to connect multiple data centers in the same metropolitan area at distances up to 80km, and run as a single, efficient, virtual data center.

We are very focused on our customers’ success, providing them higher quality products. We develop innovative products and leading-edge solutions that help our customers connect hundreds of thousands of computers servers inside a data center as well as hundreds thousands of data centers around the globe. We believe that “The Data Center Is the Computer™” and “The Cloud is the Network™.” At Inphi, our solutions help our customers make that vision of tomorrow a reality today.

We move data fast. We allow our customers to move fast. And, as a result, our company is growing fast. Inphi has grown from $20M in communications revenue in 2012 to more than $345M on a run rate basis in 2018. Join us and move fast as a customer or member of our team!

Inphi – Think Fast.™