Between Data Centers

Data Movement Between Data Centers

Inphi’s COLORZ® is the industry’s first silicon photonics-based DWDM solution in QSFP28 form factor, enabling Cloud and Service providers to provide massive bandwidth between their network locations within 80/120km of one another.

The demand for speed and bandwidth driven by streaming video, social networking, cloud computing and mobile commerce, is motivating all operators to deploy high-density, low latency and low power DWDM links to connect multiple data centers within a distance of 80/120km of each other. It is Inphi’s COLORZ low latency, high density and low power characteristics that make this a compelling cost effective solution for any network architecture.

Platform Solutions

COLORZ Platform Solutions

Inphi’s innovative COLORZ solution integrates hundreds of discrete components on a single die, resulting in the industry’s first low latency, high density, low power and cost effective 100G DWDM solution in a QSFP28 hot pluggable form factor. Leveraging Inphi’s leadership in PAM DSP technology, Linear Drivers and TIAs, COLORZ delivers up to 4Tb/s of bandwidth over a single fiber.

COLORZ II is the industry’s first 400ZR QSFP-DD pluggable coherent transceiver for DCIs to major cloud operators and OEMs. COLORZ II enables large cloud operators to connect metro data centers at a fraction of the cost of traditional coherent transport systems and allows switch and router companies to offer the same density for both coherent DWDM and client optics in the same chassis. For end users looking for performance beyond 400ZR, Inphi’s Canopus™ 7nm coherent DSP offers a multitude of reach and data rate options for metro and long haul performance.

Inphi’s COLORZ-Lite™ offers campus and data centers a cost optimized solution for shorter distances. COLORZ-Lite brings flexibility, time to market and ease of service delivery to cloud network operators.

Inphi continues to push the limits for next-generation solutions and is working closely with the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE), International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and CableLabs to define and deliver high speed, low power consumption products including 400ZR to the market.

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