Inside Data Centers

Data Movement Inside Data Centers

Inphi’s 10G to 400G Optical PHY products connect 100s of 1000s of servers, switches, and routers inside data centers enabling solutions for distances between 100m to 10km.

The megatrends of cloud computing, Big Data, IoT, Social and Web2.0 continue to accelerate and drive the insatiable need for unlimited bandwidth. There is a clear need to increase the speed of the interconnect pipes, within data centers over short reach data center optical connectivity and to deliver low cost, high-speed 50/100/200/400G interconnects supported by smaller form factor modules. PAM4 modulation has now been recognized as the modulation scheme that will take the industry over the next wave of Ethernet deployments for optical interconnects by doubling the bits per symbol at the same baud rate. The Inphi PAM4 DSPs deliver best-in-class performance, while providing new levels of power efficiency and speed required for hyper-scale data centers.

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