Long Haul/Metro Market

Data Movement Around the Globe

Inphi’s 100G to 600G long haul and metro data center interconnect solutions work across distances of 100s to 1000s kilometers enabling cloud and service providers to increase bandwidth while reducing cost per bit.

Cloud and service providers have witnessed a seismic shift in the insatiable demand for more bandwidth at higher speeds to enable next gen applications and services such as virtualization, video streaming and 5G wireless . To keep up with these demands, service and cloud providers are constantly searching for high-quality and reliable components and systems to build an optimized, scalable network infrastructure. Inphi’s industry leading TIAs, Drivers and Coherent DSPs enable quantum leaps in bandwidth and deliver the quality and reliability that is required by today’s leading-edge networks.

Platform Solutions

CFP/CFP2-DCO 100/200G Platform Solution
Line Card 400G Platform Solution

Inphi offers industry leading, comprehensive platform solutions for high-performance discrete line cards and Digital Coherent Optical (DCO) modules. These platform solutions offer the industry’s first highest performance TIAs, drivers and DSPs, to meet system needs from 100G to 600G, for all network reaches. For power sensitive applications, Inphi offers the lowest power solutions. The platform solutions available include:

• 32Gbaud: 100/200G Line Card and DCO Platform Solution
• 45Gbaud: 200/400G Line Card and DCO Platform Solution
• 64Gbaud: 100/200/400/600G Line Card and DCO Platform Solution

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