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Press Releases

Inphi Announces Immediate Production Availability of the Smallest SMT Quad Linear Driver for Coherent Applications at ECOC 2016

Meeting the Needs of Coherent Systems Growth in 100G/200G

Düsseldorf, Germany, Sept. 19, 2016 – Inphi Corporation (NYSE: IPHI), a leader in high-speed data movement interconnects, today announced the production availability of a new product in its 32GBaud Linear Coherent Product Family. The IN3217SZ, a quad linear Mach-Zehnder Modulator Driver in a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) package, extends the product portfolio by utilizing cost effective packaging for the 100G/200G coherent long haul and metro optical interconnect applications. The low cost, high performance IN3217SZ is in high demand, with more than 15,000 parts scheduled to ship by the end of 2016. The IN3217SZ will be showcased at Inphi’s ECOC booth #250 at the CCD Congress Center, September 19-21, 2016.

With a 14x9mm small form factor package, the IN3217SZ directly interfaces to Lithium Niobate or Indium Phosphide MZ modulators, in target systems from line cards; 4×5 modules; CFP DCO, or CFP2 ACO modules. The new lowest power design in the smallest surface mount package, together with industry leading linearity performance enables next-generation long haul and metro networks to address highly integrated line card designs and advanced pluggable modules.

“Inphi is a leading supplier of drivers for optical modulators and is a critical supplier of technology to reduce the cost of metro coherent and non-coherent interfaces,” said Andrew Schmitt, founder and lead analyst at Cignal AI. “Devices such as the IN3217SZ enable the higher densities and lower cost solutions that are needed in coherent 100G and 200G applications today.”

“Customers are looking to Inphi to lead the optical markets of long haul and volume metro applications for 100G/200G Coherent Systems,” said Dr. Loi Nguyen, founder and senior vice president, Optical Interconnect, at Inphi. “We are excited to provide them with the new lower power linear modulator drivers in smaller package footprints to address the high-volume, next-generation applications.”

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