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Press Releases

Inphi Collaborates to Announce Industry’s First 100G Cloud Platform at IDF 2014

Driving 100G Interconnect Adoption for Next-Generation Cloud Data Centers

SANTA CLARA, Calif., September 10, 2014 – Inphi Corporation (NYSE: IPHI), a leading provider of high-speed, mixed signal semiconductor solutions for the communications, data center and computing markets, today announced the successful availability and interoperability of a 100G cloud platform for switch and packet processing applications in next-generation data centers. A live demonstration of this platform, an industry first, will be showcased in Tabula’s booth #158 at IDF 2014, September 9-11, 2014 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.

As part of the interoperability demonstration, Inphi will showcase its 100G CMOS PHY/SerDes gearbox (GB) IC interoperating with Silicon Photonics modules from Intel and Tabula’s high-performance packet processing development platform. The platform, announced today, provides the world’s only programmable multi-100G packet processing solution for cloud operators. It enables the vast amounts of managed bandwidth needed for intra-data center and inter-data center connectivity. This platform is the only commercially available programmable solution achieving line-rate switching with up to four 100G Ethernet ports.

The demonstration will show 400G of live traffic connectivity between two development platforms built by Tabula. The Inphi GB IC interfaces between the Tabula ABAX2P1 device that supports four 100G ports with customizable packet processing capabilities and the Intel photonics modules.

Inphi’s PHY/SerDes GB IC offer a risk-mitigated solution that has been battle tested for critical performance parameters in the IEEE 802.3ba, SFF-8431, OIF-28G-VSR and ITU specifications. Based on the unique and groundbreaking iPHY™ architecture, the GB IC is built for client side networking interfaces that push the envelope on power, performance, integration, latency and cost. Consuming as low as 2.3-W, latency less than 15-ns and Rj below180fs RMS, Inphi’s GB IC is the lowest power, highest performing CMOS PHY/SerDes GB IC in the industry.

“We are excited to be part of this 3-way joint interoperability demonstration at IDF to showcase a 400G optical link complemented by Intel’s silicon photonics and Tabula’s packet processing solutions,” said Siddharth Sheth, vice president of marketing, Networking Interconnect at Inphi. “This demonstration showcases our 100G connectivity products in a multi-vendor setting and enables a time-to-market solution for cloud operators looking to wire their data centers with highly managed and aggregated 100G optical trunks.”

“We are pleased that Inphi and Tabula have chosen Intel’s Silicon Photonics for their demonstration,” said Mario Paniccia, Intel Fellow and General Manager of the Intel Silicon Photonics Solutions Group. “This is an example of how Silicon Photonics can be a key technology to build new server architectures.”

Tabula is an innovative programmable logic solutions provider, delivering breakthrough capabilities for today’s most challenging systems applications. This demonstration will showcase Tabula’s ABAX2P1 device that leverages the Spacetime 3D architecture implemented in Intel’s 22nm Tri-Gate process to deliver unparalleled logic performance, RAM throughput and on-chip memory capacity in a programmable device. The ABAX2P1 device is the only programmable solution that can support four 100GigE ports with line-rate switching capability while enabling customers to add custom value-added features in silicon.

“Tabula is pleased to work with Inphi and Intel to deliver proven 100G-capable solutions that provide a unique combination of flexibility and high performance,” said Alain Bismuth, Sr. vice president of Marketing for Tabula. “The Inphi GB complements Tabula’s packet processing products in effectively supporting the transition to 100G in the data center and other applications.”

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