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Press Releases

Inphi Launches The LRDIMM Files Blog and News Website

Unveiling the Latest Information on Memory Technologies

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 1, 2011 – Inphi Corporation (NYSE: IPHI), a leading provider of high-speed analog semiconductor solutions for the communications and computing markets, today announced the launch of “The LRDIMM Files” blog and news Website at Focused on the latest developments on memory topics, The LRDIMM Files showcases an informative blog as well as industry resources covering the latest news, press announcements, analyst reports, events and standards work relating to Load Reduced Dual Inline Memory Module (LRDIMM) technology.

“Inphi launched The LRDIMM Files with one goal in mind – to create an industry site where all aspects of adoption of LRDIMM technology can be explored and discussed,” said Paul Washkewicz, Vice President of Marketing, Computing and Storage at Inphi. “Inphi’s LRDIMM Files allows end user customers, system OEMs, memory manufacturers and others to compare benchmarks, power consumption and adoption costs, which enables them to deliver systems that take full advantage of the increased memory capacity that the LRDIMM enables.”

LRDIMM Technology
LRDIMMs are a new class of memory modules. Unlike traditional registered DIMMs that limit the amount of server memory that can be installed due to their loading profile, LRDIMMs replace the register with an isolation memory buffer, such as Inphi’s Isolation Memory Buffer (iMB™), to reduce the load. The new architecture enables more ranks of DRAM to be populated on the memory module and more modules to be used in a system for higher capacity and performance scaling. For more information on LRDIMM technology, please visit Inphi’s LRDIMM Files site.

About Inphi
Inphi Corporation is a leading provider of high-speed analog semiconductor solutions for the communications and computing markets, providing high signal integrity at leading-edge data speeds that are designed to address bandwidth bottlenecks in networks, minimize latency in computing environments and enable the rollout of next generation communications infrastructure. Inphi’s solutions provide a vital interface between analog signals and digital information in high-performance systems, such as telecommunications transport systems, enterprise networking equipment, enterprise and data center servers, storage platforms, test and measurement equipment and military systems. To learn more about Inphi, visit

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