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Press Releases

Inphi receives Intel® validation for its low-power LV-GS02 DDR3 memory interface component

Industry’s leading low-power DDR3 register optimizes memory capacity and bandwidth of enterprise computing platforms while reducing power consumption

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., September 8, 2009 – Inphi Corporation, a high-speed analog semiconductor company, has received Intel® validation at 1.5V for its low-power LV-GS02 DDR3 register on Intel’s current Xeon® Core i7® and next-generation platforms. The Inphi LV-GS02 enables enterprise computing platforms to achieve higher memory capacity and bandwidth while using significantly less energy.

At the upcoming Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2009, being held September 22 to 24 at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco, Inphi will demonstrate the technology behind the low-power LV-GS02 DDR3 register. Inphi will be in Booth #321 at IDF 2009.

The LV-GS02 registering clock driver is part of Inphi’s ExacTik® family of server memory interface components. Continuing Inphi’s leadership in developing products to reduce power consumption in the cloud computing infrastructure, its LV-GS02 is designed to help the world’s data centers meet their challenges of reducing energy consumption – while also optimizing the memory capacity and bandwidth of enterprise computing platforms. The Inphi LV-GS02 helps designers meet the increasingly stringent thermal/power envelopes in server and data-center designs.

The Inphi LV-GS02 also supports 1.35V, making it a single, scalable solution offering low-power, dual voltage and supporting DDR3-800 through DDR3-1600. The register exceeds all JEDEC standards at both 1.35V and 1.5V.
“The Inphi LV-GS02 component’s combination of dual-voltage support, high speed and lower power consumption is important for enabling next-generation data centers, cloud computing and other high-performance computing applications,” said Young K. Sohn, president and CEO of Inphi. “By offering a single solution for both standard and low-voltage applications, the Inphi LV-GS02 gives our customers and end users a single SKU with the flexibility and scalability to support current as well as future platform memory requirements, while significantly reducing the costs associated with validation and qualification.”

The innovative design of the Inphi LV-GS02 DDR3 register can yield up to 70 percent core power reduction, as well as operation with minimal idle power consumption. Its overall power consumption is 5 percent to 10 percent below that of other available parts. In high-end systems with 12 to 18 memory modules per server, the Inphi LV-GS02 efficiencies can translate to significant power savings.

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Price and availability
The Inphi INSSTE32882LV-GS02 register is currently available in sample quantities, with pricing starting at $5.80. For more information, e-mail:

About Inphi
Inphi Corporation, a high-speed analog semiconductor company, provides leading-edge interface components that operate at critical interfaces within cloud computing environments, addressing the bandwidth, capacity and power issues faced by data centers and 40G/100G networks. By leveraging its core competencies in advanced analog circuit design, signal integrity, power management, packaging and process technologies, Inphi has taken a leadership role in the markets it serves. Inphi’s more than 150 analog components push the boundaries of existing server, storage and broadband networking applications while paving the way for new ones. To learn more about Inphi, visit