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Press Releases

Inphi Taps Industry Visionaries As Technical Advisors

Experts Provide Unique, Global Insight in Technology, Strategy and Direction

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., February 23, 2010Inphi Corporation, a high-speed analog semiconductor company, today announced the addition of two new technical advisors, Fred Weber and Randy Wilhelm, to its Technical Advisory Panel. Weber and Wilhelm join existing advisors, Hirokazu Hashimoto and Dr. Tsugio Makimoto to provide Inphi guidance on technology, strategy and direction. The Technical Advisory Panel’s global experience and success span a variety of key industries including communications, computing, networking and semiconductors, which gives Inphi a competitive advantage in world markets.

“The leaders of Inphi’s Technical Advisory Panel are powerhouses within the key industries we target,” said Young Sohn, President and CEO of Inphi. “We are honored to have Fred and Randy join our Technical Advisory Panel. Randy is recognized for advancing the NAND memory market and developing the industry’s most advanced process technologies to double the density of flash memory every 18 months. Fred helped revolutionize the PC and server CPU markets and laid out a vision for the consumer devices marketplace by taking core processing technology and implementing them into mobile devices, digital televisions and more. Their expertise and market intelligence will provide critical input to our strategic business plan and process and technology roadmap to continue our leadership in high-performance analog solutions.”

“I’ve spent my career focused on building balanced computer systems and providing compatible and evolutionary innovations,” said Weber. “Inphi shares my world view that, with the emergence of multi-core and virtualization technologies, the memory system is once again the biggest bottleneck in systems. Inphi recently announced an isolation Memory Buffer component that addresses this dilemma by delivering a new memory scheme that multiplies the server’s memory capacity as much as fourfold. The Inphi team continues to raise the bar and I am happy to be part of their advisory team.”

“The expertise of Inphi’s management and engineering team and its understanding of the intricacies of high-speed analog semiconductors continue to be impressive not only to me, but also to its customers,” said Wilhelm. “Their work in the area of managing memory and bringing innovation into this area has been exciting. It’s an honor to work with Inphi as an advisor.”

About Fred Weber
Fred Weber is an expert in computer and microprocessor architecture and design and an experienced executive. He currently serves on the board of directors of SeaMicro, an innovative IT startup developing revolutionary, extremely power efficient server computers, and Glasspoint Solar, a green energy startup developing solar power systems. Previously, Weber co-founded MetaRAM, a leader in the development of high-density memory modules, in 2005 where he served as President and CEO.

Weber spent the bulk of his career at Nexgen and AMD helping to get real competition to the microprocessor market with products like the AMD Athlon and AMD Opteron, the first 64 bit x86 processor. At AMD, he also developed and promoted the strategy of “x86 everywhere” to drive x86 architecture processors beyond PCs into handheld portable devices, digital TVs, automobiles and all forms of computing platform.

He was a member of the founding team of Kendall Square Research, where he participated in all aspects of hardware design including the development of CAD methodologies, the invention of the AllCache memory system, the architecture and design of the CPU and the multiprocessor verification environment. In the mid-1990s, Weber envisioned bringing the power of 64-bit x86-based computing to everyone.

About Randy Wilhelm
Randy Wilhelm is a 30-year veteran of the semiconductor industry. He currently serves as the Senior Advisor to Micron Technologies. Prior to that, Wilhelm was with Intel for 25 years, where he held multiple executive positions including the General Manager of the Wireless Networking Group, the General Manager of the Clients Products Group, and the Vice President and General Manager of the NAND Memory Group.

In 2009, Wilhelm led Intel’s NAND Flash organization to take the lead in NAND technology by delivering the world’s first 34nm NAND memory device. Following that, Intel made another major innovation by delivering the fastest and most cost effective Solid State Drive in the world based on 34nm NAND technology. Under Wilhelm’s guidance, Intel is now a leading supplier of client and enterprise Solid State Drives and the unquestioned leader in NAND silicon technology.

About Inphi
Inphi Corporation, a high-speed analog semiconductor company, provides leading-edge interface components that operate at critical interfaces within cloud computing environments, addressing the bandwidth, capacity and power issues faced by data centers and 40G/100G networks. By leveraging its core competencies in advanced analog circuit design, signal integrity, power management, packaging and process technologies, Inphi has taken a leadership role in the markets it serves. Inphi’s more than 150 analog components push the boundaries of existing server, storage and broadband networking applications while paving the way for new ones. To learn more about Inphi, visit

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