Pioneer of Advanced Technologies

We are the pioneer of advanced semiconductor and silicon photonics solutions that enable terabits data movement interconnects


Inphi transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) power the fastest networks on the planet. TIAs are the essential building blocks that take a weak electrical signal from the photodiode in the optical receiver, clean it up and amplify it before transmitting it to the digital signal processing unit.   Learn More >


Inphi’s industry leading drivers for 100G to 600G coherent technologies provide cutting edge performance, quality and reliability to enable the exponential acceleration of big data transmissions for long haul and metro applications. Drivers take an encoded signal from DSP and amplify electrical data to high voltages for transmission over optical lines.   Learn More >

Optical PHY

Inphi Optical PHYs support the needs of both service providers and cloud operators for high-speed physical layer data transmission over multi-mode and single mode fibers. Specifically, this includes signal recovery, retiming, grooming, error correction and gearbox operations.   Learn More >


Inphi’s innovative COLORZ® Silicon photonics technology integrates hundreds of discrete components on a single die, resulting in the industry’s first low power, cost effective 100G/400G DWDM solution in both QSFP28/DD form factors form factor to connect multiple data centers within an 80/120km distance.   Learn More >

Coherent DSP

Utilizing advanced high-speed CMOS nodes, Inphi’s Coherent Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) are the critical enablers for efficient transmission over Fiber Optics networks. Our DSPs include built-in intelligent network management and bandwidth programmability which is necessary to maximize fiber capacity.   Learn More >