13 GHz Bandwidth 2 GS/s THA


  • Test instrumentation equipment, ATE
  • RF demodulation systems
  • Radar
  • Software radio
  • Digital receiver systems
  • High-speed DAC deglitching
  • THA for differential ADCs
  • Digital sampling oscilloscopes


  • Supports 2 GS/s sampling rate
  • 13 GHz input bandwidth (small-signal)
  • 10 GHz input bandwidth (0.5 Vpp)
  • 8 GHz input bandwidth (1 Vpp)
  • THD < -60 dB (1 GHz 1 Vpp input)
  • THD < -35 dB (10 GHz 0.5 Vpp input)
  • Ultra-low aperture jitter: < 50 fs
  • 0 dB Gain with up to 1 Vpp out
  • Differential master-slave architecture
  • Multiple clock modes
  • Fast rise time, < 25 ps (10-90%)
  • Adjustable input termination voltage
  • Single -5.2 V power supply
  • Low power consumption: 1400 mW
  • Available in 4mm2 QFN package
  • Evaluation kit available


The 1321TH track-and-hold amplifier is designed for high precision sampling of wideband signals with multi-GHz frequency content. The master-slave architecture integrates two track-and-hold (T/H) circuits, clock mode selection logic, and a 50 Ω differential output buffer.

Sample rates up to 2 GS/s are supported. Clock modes include out-of-phase master-slave (M/S) clocking based on a single clock signal and independent M/S clocking based on two clock signals. The output is settled for nearly a complete clock cycle of the slave T/H.

Analog inputs are DC-coupled and terminated on-chip with 50 Ω to a user-adjustable voltage. The 1321TH can be driven single-ended or differentially and provides differential outputs.

An output buffer provides 0 dB overall THA gain and up to 1 Vpp differential output swing into a 50 Ω load. The differential clock inputs are DC-coupled and terminated through 50 Ω to ground.

Because of its low power dissipation and low thermal resistance, the 1321TH does not normally require a heatsink when operated at a case temperature up to the the maximum case temperature of 85 °C.

The 1321TH operates from a single -5.2 V power supply. It is available in a
4 mm2 QFN package. It is also available on an evaluation board with SMA connectors.


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