• High-speed (up to 13 GHz) digital logic
  • High-speed (up to 13 Gbps) serial data transmission systems
  • Broadband test and measurement equipment
  • NRZ-to-RZ / RH conversion
  • Differential encoding for optical DPSK and duobinary transmitter modules


  • Supports data rates up to 13 Gbps
  • Rise and fall times: 15 ps typical
  • Power consumption: 275 mW typical
  • Supports single-ended and differential operation             
  • Output signal swing: 1200 mV
  • Single, –3.3 V power supply
  • Available in QFN package
  • Evaluation board available



The 13612OR OR/NOR/AND/NAND is designed to support data rates up to 13 Gbps.  Differential inputs and outputs allow the part to be easily configured to perform any of the four logic functions: OR, NOR, AND, and NAND.  THe 13612OR can also be used to convert properly timed NRZ data and clock inputs into RZ / RH data at ultra-high speeds.

All differential data inputs are DC coupled and terminated on chip with 50 Ω resistors to ground.  The differential data outputs are back-terminated on chip with 60 Ω resistors to ground (50 Ω impedance).  For direct-coupled applications, the differential outputs should also be terminated off chip with 50 Ω resistors to ground (GND).  For applications requiring termination to DC levels other than GND, external AC coupling to a good RF ground is required.  See the application note for various terminal examples.

The 13612OR operates from a single –3.3 V power supply and dissipates only 275 mW.  It is available in a 3 mm x 3 mm quad flat no-lead (QFN) package and is also available on an evaluation board with SMA connectors.


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