25 GHz Latched Comparator


  • Broadband test and measurement equipment
  • Oscilloscope and logic analyzer front ends
  • Window comparators
  • High-speed line receivers and signal regeneration
  • Threshold and/or peak detectors
  • High-speed triggers


  • Supports clock rates up to 25 GHz
  • 100 ps propagation delay input to output (Clk-Q)
  • Low power consumption: 550 mW typical
  • Fast rise and fall times: 15 ps typical
  • Deterministic Jitter: 2.0 ps p-p typical
  • Random Jitter 0.2 ps RMS typical
  • Hysteresis < 5 mV
  • Output amplitude: 1.2 Vpp differential
  • Supports single-ended and differential operation
  • Single –3.3 V power supply
  • Available in LGA package or die form
  • Evaluation board available


The 25706CP is an exceptionally fast latched voltage comparator with very low thermal hysteresis that operates with clock rates from DC to 25 GHz.  The part is nominally positive-edge triggered, however, by reversing the positive and negative clock connections, a negative-edge triggered application can be accommodated.  All differential analog inputs and differential clock inputs are DC coupled on-chip and terminated with resistors to ground.  The differential data outputs should be terminated off-chip with 50 Ω to ground.

The 25706CP operates from a single -3.3 V power supply and is available in a ceramic land grid array (LGA) package or in die form.  The packaged part is also available on an evaluation board with SMA connectors.  For customers requiring a comparator that operates from a +3.3 V power supply, Inphi offers the 25707CP.


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