Coherent DSP

Critical enablers for efficient transmission over Fiber Optics networks

Inphi is a leader in Coherent Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and FEC technology, supplying to top major OEMs worldwide.

Optical Advantage

Optical networks are the key to the rapid expansion of bandwidth in Telecom and data center networks . These networks provide higher capacity and density while using less power, at a lower cost per bit.

Our family of Coherent DSPs are the critical enablers for efficient transmission over Fiber Optics networks. Inphi is a leader in Coherent DSP and FEC technology and is a leading merchant coherent DSP supplier to top major OEMs worldwide. Our DSPs include built-in intelligent network management and bandwidth programmability which is necessary to maximize fiber capacity. In short, Inphi coherent DSPs enable our OEM customers to build high density line cards with flexibility for links ranging anywhere from a few Kilometers to a few thousand kilometers.

Flexible Modulations and Rates Deliver Optimal Spectral Density, Power, and Low System Costs

Inphi’s LightSpeed-II coherent DSP family was the first 28nm DSP supporting 100G and 200G 16QAM line rates. The LightSpeed-II set an industry standard for best in class OSNR performance. The advanced equalization and FEC algorithms enable systems to overcome the impairments of the optical link, including chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion and bandwidth limitations of optoelectronic components.

Lowest Power at Leading Performance and Integration to Enable Next Gen Long Haul, Metro, and DCI Networks

With the introduction of M200, Inphi’s first offering in 16nm LightSpeed-III family of SoC devices, Inphi raises the bar again with lowest power at leading performance and integration to enable next generation of long haul, metro, and data center interconnect networks. M200 enables ground breaking performance and power for CFP-DCO and CFP2-DCO coherent module form factor high density line cards, as well as CFP2-ACO, or line cards with discrete optics.

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