Providing cutting edge performance, quality and reliability


Providing cutting edge performance, quality and reliability

Inphi’s industry leading drivers for 100G to 600G coherent technologies provide cutting edge performance, quality and reliability to enable the exponential acceleration of big data transmissions for long haul and metro applications.

Exponential Speed

Inphi’s drivers power the world’s fastest optical networks and will help set new records for speed in the years to come.

Inphi’s drivers take an encoded signal from DSP and amplify electrical data to high voltages for transmission over optical lines. Our drivers enable applications covering distances of 100m to 1000 Kms at data rates up to 600G. This includes drivers for high performance Mach-Zehnder modulators, externally modulated lasers (EML) and directly modulated lasers (DML).

Leading High Performance and Low Power Linear Driver Supplier Worldwide

Inphi leads the industry with being first to market with the lowest power, highest performance driver solutions to meet any customer’s needs. Inphi introduced the first commercial linear driver in production and continues to innovate as we now offer the market’s widest range of driver products for around the globe, inside and between data centers. From temperature-resistant and high performance metal box solutions for ultra-high performance and flexibility to surface mount miniature packages and even bare die for the very smallest size and most power sensitive applications, Inphi has the products to meet system needs from 100G to 600G, for all network reaches. Our drivers offer maximum signal integrity with the minimum power dissipation in the smallest form factor. The direct result of our innovation and focus on quality, we are proud to be recognized by our customers as the leading high performance and low power linear driver supplier worldwide.

Since 2014, Inphi has shipped hundreds of thousands of units to Tier-1 OEM and module customers worldwide.

Undisputed “A” Rated Quality and Reliability

Our drivers provide the lowest distortion linear amplification from Indium Phosphate or Lithium Niobate to Silicon Photonics, together with undisputed “A” rated quality and reliability, proven in-system. This uncompromising devotion to quality is the result of multiple design generations and years of experience developing, perfecting and deploying our drivers in high volume mission-critical applications. Whatever the coherent system or form factor, Inphi’s drivers speed our customers to market faster, delivering the data at higher bandwidths and requiring using less power all without interrupting field operation.

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