Our mixed signal semiconductor solutions quickly and reliably speed information from place to place.

Big Data: it’s everywhere and increasingly critical to businesses and consumers around the world. Some create it, some store it, and some analyze it. Inphi moves big data fast, around the globe, between and inside of data centers. We are the electronic world equivalent to those who move physical goods in the real world; we are the FedEx™ of digital data.

Our leading edge, high-speed, mixed signal semiconductor solutions equate to the planes, trains and trucks used by physical delivery services to quickly and reliably speed information from place to place.

Our long haul and metro solutions are our planes, working across distances of 100s to 1000s kilometers. Products include Inphi’s coherent amplifiers, drivers and DSPs which set the gold standard for leading edge performance, quality, and reliability.

Our data center edge interconnect solutions are our trains, delivering a large amount of packages, across 80km distances. Inphi’s COLORZ® is the industry’s first 100G DWDM solution in QSFP28 form factor, utilizing advanced silicon photonics and PAM4 modulation, to deliver up to 4Tb/s of bandwidth over a single fiber and 100Tb/s between data centers.

Our inside data center interconnects are our trucks, working across hundreds of meters. Inphi PAM interconnects along with accompanying TIAs and drivers deliver low power, cost effective solutions for cloud customers.