Transimpedance Amplifiers

Powering the fastest networks on the planet

Transimpedance Amplifiers

Powering the fastest networks on the planet

Inphi’s transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) ushered in the era of 100G and 200G networking and continues its market leadership with 400G, 600G, and beyond.

Building Blocks

Inphi TIAs are the essential building blocks for the world’s fastest service provider and data center optical networks.

Inphi introduced the industry’s first TIA and provides a wide range of TIAs for line and client side fiber optic receivers to meet system needs from 100G to 600G, for all network reaches. Inphi TIAs take a weak electrical signal from the photodiode in the optical receiver, clean it up and amplify it before transmitting it to the digital signal processing (DSP) unit. Our portfolio includes linear TIAs for long haul and metro coherent receivers as well as linear TIAs for shorter range PAM4 based receivers.

Inphi’s motto, Think fast™, is based on Inphi’s heritage of being first to market with the lowest power, highest performance electronic components. Inphi’s TIAs embody our motto and our heritage.

Global Reach

Inphi has shipped over 2 million 100G TIA units all over the world, representing over 25 billion device hours in networks. Our TIAs have transmitted zettabytes (billions of gigabytes) of data around the globe, year after year.

Delivering World Class Linear Modulation

The secret to our success with these amplifiers is our delivery of world class linear modulation. This linear modulation provides up to 32 times more electrical data packed per optical symbol when compared to limiting technologies of the past. Unlike those limiting TIAs of yesteryear, today’s components require highly-engineered relationships and tradeoffs between power, performance and cost.

As a result of this high quality performance in the field, our customers have anointed Inphi the gold standard in TIA for mission critical data transmission over light, anywhere, anytime.

Continuing Our Relentless Drive to Stay Ahead of the Technology and the Pack

Since pioneering its first TIAs for 100G long haul and metro networks, Inphi has continually applied its linear design techniques to new generations of products for networks of all types. Today, Inphi is again leading the transition to higher speed networks with multiple TIA design wins for 400G and 600G long haul and metro networks as well as for 200G and 400G networks inside and between data centers.

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